Our Story

Every product designer experiences the Eureka effect. That exhilarating and exciting moment when everything falls into place. For Mix&Match cases, it all happened over a casual conversation with my beloved wife. But before I deep-dive into the details, let me introduce myself.

Hi there 👋,

I’m Matt Bulbul, founder and head designer of Mix&Match. With over a decade of experience in UI/UX design, I have acquired unique insights into consumer behaviors and tech trends. I tweak product designs and shape brand journeys via striking visuals and customer-focused features.

Little did I know that all these experiences would become the origin story for something more personal and spectacular.

The Mix&Match Approach 
In today’s age, iPhones have become a style statement. Yet, its store-bought cases often look unappealing and generic. Also, have you noticed how most designs are either too simple or too blingy? Or, how most of us end up buying more than one case to meet our fashion goals.

My wife and I discussed these issues in detail while searching for a new iPhone case. Eventually, she asked me to create a customized case. One thing led to another, and we were still staring at three different versions.

After another round on the drawing board, we found an answer. Instead of creating one iPhone case, I developed an adaptable design that accommodates different skins. The traditional mix and match approach solve the modern dilemma of buying an affordable yet stylish iPhone case. Not only do these swappable designs match everyday ensembles, but they suit more festive looks too.

It took hours of coffee-fueled design sessions to create an assorted range of skin sets that align with individual aesthetic sense and styles. The final design is simple, affordable, and stylish, making these cases the ultimate iPhone accessory for modern women.

You can become one of the lucky ones with a Mix&Match case of your own.

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