Mix&Match + Collab

Join forces with our creative team to design an exclusive range of iPhone case skins named after you.

Every influencer dreams about selling their merchandise. We turn those ideas into reality through this wonderful collaboration. It is a practical way to capitalize on your popularity and see produce professionally manufactured merchandise.

The many perks of our partnership:

  • Flaunt your artistic skills with three stylish iPhone case skins.
  • Boost your brand presence by receiving more traction and followers via our social media channels.
  • Treat your fans with all-new merchandise designed and approved by you.
  • These iPhone case skins are an excellent idea for a personalized giveaways.

If you are interested send in a fill the request form below to kick-start the collaboration.

3 Simple Steps for a Successful Collaboration

❖    Share Your Story
Fill our online request form to introduce yourself and pitch your idea. We shall review your profile to see if you are a compatible match for this venture. 

❖    The Creation Stage
Chosen collaborators can share hand-drawn sketches or graphic designs for three iPhone case skins. We can give our artistic input or add a professional touch to your designs if you’re interested.

❖    The Launch
After the final approval, we will start creating your skin designs. The collection is named after you and you get a free press kit (product photography, concept photos, and your first signature collection iPhone case). You can use the promotional content to announce the collaboration on your social media channels.

Like what you see?

Let’s get to work.